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May 24, 201808:42 AM
Get top-notch IBEX Tonometer Prism, the ideal and most integral part of IOP measurement. Our prisms are manufacture…
May 24, 201808:34 AM | Ophthalmic Instruments | Eye Exam Lane Solutions Our products combine innovative quality and engineering freedom – we always push the boundaries to deliver you the best in design and performance !
Slit Lamps, Binocular Indirect, LCD Vision Acuity Charts, Refractors, Keratometers, Tonometers, Prisms, Ophthalmic Equipment, 3-Year ...
May 23, 201808:40 AM
We at IBEX eye provide quality products directly to eye care providers - from 2-step, and 5-step LED slit lamps to…
May 23, 201808:34 AM | Ophthalmic Instruments | Eye Exam Lane Solutions No matter what your financial condition, we have eye disease diagnostic diagnostic/detection equipment that will help you serve your patients better without going out of your budget !
Slit Lamps, Binocular Indirect, LCD Vision Acuity Charts, Refractors, Keratometers, Tonometers, ...
May 15, 201808:16 AM | Ophthalmic Instruments | Eye Exam Lane Solutions We help eye care provides make a difference in their patients’ lives by providing them high-quality, modern diagnostic devices !
Slit Lamps, Binocular Indirect, LCD Vision Acuity Charts, Refractors, Keratometers, Tonometers, Prisms, Ophthalmic Equipment, 3-Year Warranty, Free Shipping
May 15, 201808:13 AM
Operating on a single fundamental principle to put substance over the image - will help you…
May 14, 201808:16 AM | Advanced Slit Lamp Optics | IBEX 5-Step LED Slit Lamp This slit lamp offers long-term reliable performance with low cost of ownership. Tissue observation made easy !
Awesome Slit Lamps, 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate!, Advanced Surgical Optics, Easy Eye Exams, 3-Year Warranty, Free Shipping, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
May 14, 201808:12 AM
Delivering the complete range of diagnostic devices for all eye care providers - IBEX eye can have a positive impac…
May 8, 201808:55 AM
IBEX eye is the standard supplier for everything related to the various forms of ‘eye treatments’ and ‘eye procedur…
May 8, 201808:53 AM
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope| Wireless LED BIO | IBEX Wireless LED BIO comes with all the features of IBEX LED slit lamps along with a few advanced ones of its own !
New Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Wireless offers convenient eye exams without being tethered to wires, Outstanding ...
May 7, 201808:32 AM
Keep all the standard, special, and patient education charts at your fingertips - via the fully loaded, LCD Vision…
May 7, 201808:29 AM
LCD Acuity Chart | Digital Vision Chart | Great Reviews | Make specialty, standard, and patient education charts available whenever needed with this Acuity Chart & Patient Education system !
Affordable Vision Tester, Fully Loaded Digital Visual Acuity System & Patient Education System , 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, 3-Year Warranty, ...
May 4, 201808:33 AM
Want to have a look at the true retinal color and tissue differentiation - use the IBEX Wireless Binocular Indirect…
May 4, 201808:29 AM
Manual Refractor | Ultra Smooth Feel | Wavefront Verified | IBEX Refractor is known to deliver precise optics, streamlined operation, and easily accessible control knobs !
Manual Refractor, Ultra Smooth Feel, Wavefront Verified, Our Refractor delivers smooth operation, 100% Money Back Guarantee, 3 Year Warranty, Free Shipping!
May 2, 201808:51 AM
IBEX Applanation Tonometer with Prism - Golden standard for fast and accurate IOP measurement. Measurement range: 0…
May 2, 201808:49 AM
Applanation Tonometer Prism | Highly Accurate, Quality | IBEX Tonometer Prism are made using high-quality material. It is an important parts of IOP measurement !
Highly accurate prism tip, reliable measurements. Our quality control and inspection process verifies slope, fitment, optical quality & light transmission.
April 25, 201803:53 PM
This Motorized Instrument Table might have average looks but is great functionally. It will serve your practice for years to come !
April 24, 201804:03 PM
True-tone Ophthalmic devices from IBEX eye - for research, clinical field testing, product design and manufacturing…
April 24, 201803:52 PM
To make sure that the final product is best-in-class, we integrated all important processes, such research, clinical field testing, product design, and manufacturing !
April 23, 201803:39 PM
Take a giant leap forward in the realm of Slit Lamp engineering; with IBEX eye and see the eye’s true colors. Corne…
April 5, 201812:51 PM
Made after carrying out intensive research and by using the latest technology, our diagnostic devices deliver super…
March 30, 201812:49 PM
Not only do we manufacture the best ophthalmic devices but we also lend our ears to our customers. Providing an imm…
March 26, 201812:49 PM
We are able to manufacture the most premium quality ophthalmic devices with the aid and support of our team of dedi…
March 22, 201812:47 PM
We have a team of experts who all are dedicated and work diligently to deliver the best-in-class ophthalmic devices…
March 19, 201812:45 PM
We believe in pushing the boundaries of our performances and designs, where we strive for excellence, challenging o…
October 5, 201712:19 PM
July 30, 201706:49 PM
July 30, 201706:49 PM
July 30, 201706:48 PM

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Trevi Technology, Inc. is a medical device company which designs and distributes diagnostic devices, software and exam stations for eye care professionals. The company's products are used by ophthalmologists and optometrists to determine vision aberrations, scan for disease, assist in disease management and provide electronic storage of images. The company's products marketed under the brand name "IBEX", and domain name are wholly owned by Trevi Technology, Inc.
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1029 Dublin Road
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